Saturday, April 24, 2010

the soccer mom, reviewing today's highlights

In the 8 years that Karl has been coaching soccer, he has only missed one other game that I can remember.  He had to go out of town this week & I know he was bummed that he couldn't be there today.  It was an exciting game.  We were playing short with only 9 players, they had a full team w/ subs.  There were times that it looked like it was our game to win, & there were other times that the other team pulled ahead.  With 30 seconds left in the game we were tied 3-3.  And then the other team managed to get one more ball in the net.  Despite today's loss, the girls did an amazing job. 




I am so proud of all you girls!  Thank you Coach Ricardo for keeping the girls motivated & thank you Coach Laurie for subbing in for Karl today.

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