Monday, November 8, 2010

creating with Stash To Treasure

So I signed up for this class with Stash To Treasure & am finished with the cover.  What I love about the Stash To Treasure concept is that if you love the project & want to make it exactly as the instructor has presented it, you can buy the kit with all the materials.  Or you can buy just the instructions & use supplies from your own stash.  Since I (like most scrapbookers) have an overabundance of supplies that desparetely need to be used, wanted to try to make a dent in my stash.

The instructions are presented in short video format & they are supplemented with written instructions & pictures.  It makes it so easy to go at your own pace.

So I got my cover done - yay me!  Since I did not have the album they were using in class, I thought this was the perfect excuse to do the altered book I've been wanting to do.  I got an old book from the used book store a while back.  It didn't really matter what the book was about, mostly I was looking for the right size.  I painted the outside of the cover with black acrylic paint.  I removed all the pages from the inside of the book

I added some tulle to the spine & then added this gorgeous charm that my friend, Tammy, made. 

Ta daa - cover is done.  Now onto the inside pages.

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Tammy said...

Hi Bea!!!!
I just found this email in my box. You sent it when I was away so I never saw it until know...sorry :(

That charm works perfect on your book! ives me a great idea!!! Thanks!!!!

I am pregnant and have severe baby brain so I hope I remember!!!!

Hope all is good with you!
have a great Christmas!