Tuesday, November 16, 2010

sharing a few pictures from my latest scrappy adventure

Wow, what a wonderful weekend with this fun group of ladies. 
Some new friends, some old friends, all of them so much fun!

Deanna has got to get the "cutest scrapper" award. 
This lady is so sweet & funny!    

Lisa made this cheesecake. 
Wow, cheesecake with a layer of apple pie as a topping - delish!!!!

Everyone loved the RAK Wendy made.  So creative! 

This is one of my favorite people! 
I almost made altered clipboards for everyone. 
So glad I didn't, Marjorie did a much better job. 

Lisa spoiled us with Starbucks gift cards. 
A yummy treat for everyone  :)

Beth, my sweet new friend.  She gave us adorable pasta angel ornaments, perfect for her personality.

Wow, Lynda really went all out! 
Everyone got one of these gorgeous bags. 
She made beautiful necklaces for everyone
& displayed them so creatively.

Goodies from Marie.  Yumm-O!!!!

Valorie working on a BIG project.

Erica getting punchy  :)

Cori teaching a beautiful technique - Isn't she cute!?!?

We all made RAKs for each other. 
I was so touched by all the
thought & effort that went into creating these.

Some things I will remember:
***watching 80's music videos***
***Cori & Lisa trying to prank me - haha***
***Deanna's tractor joke - heehee***
***staying up til 4am talking w/ Cori***
***fuzzy socks***
***getting to Starbucks at 7:01 - they closed at 7***
***sink trouble***
***Wendy's SUV - Scrapbooker's Utility Vehicle***
***Trash Can Casserole***
***Lynda teaching me how to use the timer on my camera***
***Erica's Christmas Trees***
***Cori getting pranked by Wendy***
***amazing RAKs***
***mastering the Gesso Technique***
***the group hug***


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Bea!!

Amleht said...

Thank you Bea! Your pics bring it all back!!!! I got a giggle out of the group shot, remembering the three cameras balanced on the chair... YAY... that was so fun.


LostVTer said...

Thanks, Bea for all you did and continue to do! Fun, Fun, Fun!